AFX slotcar catalogs for sale.
Aurora AFX 1975 catalog
AFX '75 slotcar color catalog, 26 pages, good condition, some wear at bottom right corner.  Nice pictures of magnatraction cars and sets.  Price $35.00
AFX '81 slot car color USA catalog, mint conditon, 43 pages, color.  This is probably one of the 3 hardest Aurora HO slotcar catalogs to find.  Lots of interesting sets along with the '81 line of cars, including g-plus, magnatraction, lighted rigs, cats eyes, blazin brakes, stop police, speed shifter, and speed steer.  Price $90.00
Rare AFX 1981 catalog, mint condition
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AFX Road Racing Handbook, vol 1, fairly poor conditon, missing covers, 114 pages, B&W pictures throughout.  Contains tips on fine tuning and maintaining your standard afx, and Super II cars for performance.  Also modifying standard AFX cars with Super II parts, hi-performance AFX parts, and a Bowman zip standard AFX modified chassis weight pan article for increased handling properties.  Also includes articles on using clear bodies for AFX cars, customizing, some beautiful handbuilt custom cars, and scratchbuilding an AFX raceway with scenery, platform construction tips, and many layout plans.  Pages have some corner creases and stains of the first several pages.  A couple of pages have some small ink writing marks.  Back page has yellowed.  Price $35.00
AFX Road Racing Handbook, volume 1
AFX '79 Drivers Manual, excellent conditon, 12 B&W pages.  Includes making a permanent platform tips, wiring diagrams, flex track uses, and maintenance tips for magna traction cars.  Also has chassis parts number breakdown and diagrams for magna traction, g-plus, and magna-sonic cars, as well as a trouble-shooting chart.
Price $8.00
AFX '79 Drivers Manual
Aurora. (Who Else?) photocopy of catalog
AFX "Aurora. (Who Else?), photocopy, 14 pages B&W, good condition, a little wear.  Describes twenty Aurora innovations from 1959 to 1978, flextrack, Smokey and the AFX Express, slotless AFX Speed Steer, Data Race the first computerized racing system, After Chrismas rebate promotion, and advertising budget promotions in television markets.
Price $10.00
Aurora. (Who Else?) photocopy of catalog featuring 20 innovations
Aurora. (Who Else?) photocopy of catalog featuring Data Race center
AFX road racing handbook, volume 1
AFX road racing handbook vol. 1
AFX road racing handbook, vol. 1, custom cars
AFX road racing handbook, vol. 1, Clubman track
AFX road racing handbook vol. 1, AFX Super II car