Other brands of HO slot cars for sale, including Eldon, Marx, Bachmann, and AJ's.
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Eldon '64 Corvette, turquoise.  Good window posts and wheel wells.  There are two 1/8" cracks in the hood.  No bumper chrome wear, but rear right bumper tip is broken off.  Good screw posts.  Supplied with T-Jet chassis.  Price $35.00
Eldon Corvette stingray, turquoise
Marx '64 T-Bird, red/white#2.  Excellent front chrome, some wear to rear chrome.  The roof stripes are smudged (see pic) from the way they were scotch taped in the factory boxes.  Good screw and window posts, good wheel wells, glass has faint scratches but this may be a normal mold flaw.  Price $45.00
Marx  red T-Bird with chrome bumpers
Bachmann Chaparral 2-F, red.  Fair condition, with considerable factory paint wear on body as shown.  Wing and right chrome mirror are missing.  Front bottom air dam area has a crack.  Rear tires have been replaced with silicones for good grip.  Screw posts are fine.  Fairly hard to find color.  Price $35.00
Bachmann red Chaparral
Bachmann Dodge Charger, white#70.  Mint in box with labeled box ends.  Box has some scuff marks on top.  One of the early examples of quality tampos on an HO car.  Reads 'Grove Busters Racing Team' on doors.  Price $220.00
Bachmann Dodge Charger MIB
Riggen Boss Mustang clear body, style 2.  This is a mint unpainted body only, still yet to be cut for painting and mounting to a Riggen chassis. The compartment in the rear was to enclose the motor, stored separately.    Price $40.00
Riggen Mustang body
Marx gray T-bird with chrome bumpers
Marx '64 T-Bird, gray/white #2.  Very good condition overall.  Wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts are fine.  Right roof inner stripe smudged somewhat as shown, a common flaw.  Glass has faint scratches which is also normally seen.  Excellent chrome, chassis shows almost no wear, missing rear lead weight.  Price $65.00
Marx '62 T-Bird, light blue.  Good condition overall, missing the window glass.  Wheel wells  are fine.  Right window post has light stress marks but the light color of the body hides them fairly well. Trace of a crack in the front screw post, which still holds screw fine.  Hi-torque chassis runs very well, just missing rear lead weight.  Silicone rear tires provided for good traction.  Price $45.00
Marx '62 Ford Thunderbird in light blue.
Marx '62 Corvette, red.  Excellent condition overall.  Wheel wells and window posts are fine.  Repaired crack in the rear screw post, and it holds screw fine.  Chassis runs, missing rear lead weight, and has dry rear tires.  Just stretch a pair of TJet silicone tires on the rear hubs for good traction.  Price $90.00
Marx HO slot car '62 Corvette hardtop in red.
AJ's Oscar the Track Cleaner, red. Very good condition overall.  This hard to find red version has wear on the number seven portion of the left side sticker as shown.  Front part of body has a broken piece off it's body mount area but it still stays on chassis fine.  Running motor.  Rear sponge tires are dry.  Price $200.00
AJ's Oscar the track cleaner truck in red
AJ's Oscar the Track Cleaner, yellow. Excellent condition overall.  Nice stickers. Front part of body has cracks in inside body mount area but it still stays on chassis fine, it just can move back and forth somewhat.  Running chassis has original silicone bonded tires on the aluminum AJ's wheels.  Price $100.00
AJ's Oscar the track cleaner truck in yellow
Marx '63 T-Bird, dark bluish-green.  Fairly poor condition overall for use as a runner.  Wheel wells are not cut.  Right window post has a crack. Screw posts have been crudely rebuilt with red screw post plastic, and holes in roof and trunk appear above the post areas as shown.  Oversize screws have been used. Chassis runs, just missing rear lead weight.  Has TJet rear tires.  Price $25.00 
                          Bottom View
Marx '63 Ford Thunderbird in dark bluish green
AJ's Oscar the Track Cleaner, white with blue and red 'spirit of 76'. Excellent condition overall.  Nice sticker tampos, with just a small upper right corner of the right side sticker showing some wear, nothing major. Running chassis has original silicone bonded tires on the rear aluminum AJ's wheels, and AJ's thin o-ring front setup, also in original condition.  The reglued track eraser on this one is narrower than as originally sold.
Price $130.00
AJ's Oscar the track cleaner truck in white with blue and red "spirit of '76"
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Eldon '68 Corvette, metallic green/black.  Wheel wells not cut, and no cracks in window posts or screw posts.  Front bumper chrome shows no wear, and rear right bumper tip is broken off and rear bumper has some chrome wear.  Roof stripe shows some wear at the leading edge.  Running Eldon HO chassis has hardened front tires, and rear tires are TJet.  Rear chassis weight shows some age oxidation.  Price $140.00   Bottom View
Eldon HO '68 Corvette in metallic olive green