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Minic Motorways slot cars for sale, including a Double Decker bus, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ferrari 500 Superfast, Steam Lorry truck, and Humber Super Snipe.
Minic double-decker bus, red, very good condition, with box.  Decals read 'Players' and 'Bluecol the Safe Antifreeze' on sides.  Players decal is very nice, Bluecol decal has more  wear and flaking as shown.  Some roof warpage in center as is usual for the Minic buses.  Brass chassis version.  Minics (from England) run on their own track only, so don't expect to run them on other tracks.  Nice chrome.  Box has average corner and edge wear.  Sold.
PIC#2     PIC#3
Minic Aston Martin DB4 GT, red.  Good condition overall.  Some decal chips as shown.  Plastic chassis.  Price $65.00
Minic Rolls Royce, black with chrome accents.   Very good condition overall, very little bumper wear, a little wear to top edges of radiator.  Plastic chassis.  Price $75.00
Minic Rolls Royce, black
Minic red Doubledecker bus, 'Players', in box.
Minic Aston Martin DB4 GT
Minic Ferrari 500 Superfast, red.  Good condition overall.  There are some whitish stress crack marks at the top of the window posts where they meet the roof.  Average chrome wear.  Inside of front window has some marks where the front of the can motor presses on window.  Plastic chassis.  Price $100.00           Bottom View
Minic Ferrari 500 Superfast, red
Minic Steam Lorry truck in turquoise-blue
Minic Steam Lorry truck, turquoise-blue.  Excellent condition, with some sticker discoloration on right side as shown.  Black metal chassis.  Price $225.00
Minic Humber Super Snipe in pea green
Minic Humber Super Snipe, pea green.  Excellent condition, with some light bumper corner chrome wear and a very light roof scratch.  Black metal chassis.  Price $120.00
Minic '64 Corvette Stingray, red, near mint condition.  Chrome bumpers are like new.  Just some wear to side stickers as shown.  Plastic chassis.  Price $80.00
Minic '64 Corvette Stingray, white, good condition.  Front bumpers appears to have some silver repainting.  Side stickers have wear as shown, so you may desire to remove them- it's your call.  Plastic chassis.  Price $55.00
Minic Mercedes Benz 330 SL, white/brownish-red top, fair condition with box.  There are scratches in the reddish roof as seen in photo.  Bumper chrome is excellent.  Worn box has top nearly fallen off.  No sticker label with box.  Black metal chassis.  Price $70.00
Minic Jaguar E type 2+2, red.  Fairly good condition overall, with box.  Considerable headlight paint wear, and bumpers have average wear.  Plastic chassis.  Box has no sticker label, and has tear in flap as shown.  Price $75.00
Minic Doubledecker bus, red 'Shell' version, with box.  Very good condition overall.  Nice side stickers, light roof warpage in top center as is common with Minic buses.  Front and rear license plate stickers are intact but rear one has most of the printing worn away.  Plastic chassis version.  Sold.       PIC#2         PIC#3
Minic boxed Mercedes Benz 330 SL, white
Minic boxed Jaguar E type 2+2 in red
Minic '64 Corvette in white
Minic '64 Corvette in red
Minic Shell doubledecker bus in box
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