We at Slot Car Collectibles would like to keep you up to date about once a month via email on our current offerings.  To sign up, all we need is your name and email address.  As an incentive to signing up you will get access to our free GALLERY, which will feature slotcar rareities of collections from around the world.  Things like unusual/oddball cars, sets, accessories, store displays, trophies, promotional items, posters, prototypes, and seldom-seen off-brands will be featured.  We're not really looking for rare regular production T-Jets like orange and purple chargers, blue mustangs and the like.  These are rare cars but they have been catalogued  by others before and little would be added by including them here.  The odder the item, the more it will be probably be appreciated by members of this gallery.

  Please consider contributing if you think you have some unusual items that would fit in our gallery.   All we need is a clear photo or two emailed to us, along with a short description and any background or story behind the items you'd like to share.  We'll do all the rest.  You can be credited below your photos or remain anonymous, whichever you prefer.  Most long-time collectors have run across something that would fit in with what we are looking for.  The more people that participate, the better the gallery will be, so please contribute!
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