Aurora Speedline, Aurora Cigarbox, and Miny Lindy Lindberg push cars, sets, and accessories for sale
Speedline Willys Gasser, black, mint on card, from 1973.  Price $180.00
Speeline Willys Gasser, black
Speedline set contents
Aurora Speedline Stunt & Drag Race set
Speedline Camaro, mint in bag
Speedline riviera, mint in bag
Speedline Stunt & Drag Race Set, 1968.  Box has average wear with 2 clear-taped corners.  Contents include 2 speedline unused cars (candy violet with silver stripe Chevy Camaro, and candy copper with silver stripe Buick Riviera), 2-lane speed start, 2-lane roller bump, 2-lane mounting clamp, and 2-lane track.  Appears to be complete.  The Riviera has a small factory blemish in the finish at the leftmost edge of the roof in the center.  Price $140.00
Speedline Barrel Jump, mint on card.  Card has some bends and creases and general wear, and the original selling price is written in ink on the card twice as shown.  Price $15.00
Speedline Camaro, black
Speedline '68 Camaro, black.  Fairly poor condition overall.  Has broken sections out of left window posts, and right window posts are cracked.  Missing front bumper piece.  Price $30.00
Speedline finish line and 2 roller bumps, mint on card.
Speedline Ford J car, butterscotch.  Mint on card.  Card has some curl.  Price $40.00
Speedline Lola GT, bright yellow.  Mint on card.  This is the 'whister' Lola that Aurora made having a large hole in the roof with the intent of producing a sound as the car travelled down the track.  Card has a light crease in the upper left corner.  Price $50.00
Aurora Speedline Ford J car, butterscotch
Speedline Lola GT whistler, bright yellow
Mini-Lindy Flying Wheels set, 1969.  Still sealed in the original shrink wrap.  The set features 2 Mini-Lindy plastic push cars (unknown which models since it's a sealed set), a launching tower, starting platform, down hill ramp, and fly thru hoop.  The shrink wrap has split along the left side end of the box, and the exposed box has some light water spots and general age spotting there. Great display item for any Mini Lindy collector, very hard to find in this condition.  Price $160.00
Mini-Lindy Flying Wheels push car set
Aurora Cigarbox '65 Mustang convertible, green.  Excellent condition, with a little dirt in the interior.  Has rubber TJet type tires.
Price $75.00   PIC#4  PIC#5  PIC#6
Aurora Cigarbox Mustang convertible in green
Aurora HO Cigarbox 1965 Mustang convertible in green