Tyco HO slot cars for sale.
Tyco slotcar Datsun 240z Budweiser
Datsun 280z, white/red/blue.  Fair condition overall, missing rear wing spoiler and  window sticker.  Right window post has light bend.  Tampos have some wear.  440X2 chassis runs.  Price $13.00
'40 Ford Coupe, black with yellow/red flames. Very good condition overall, just missing the back end of the right side pipe as shown.  Left side window has a scratch in the chrome.  HP7 chassis runs.
Price $24.00
Tyco slot car '40 Ford Coupe, black with flames
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'40 Ford Coupe, chrome with dayglo orange and yellow flames.  Excellent condition overall,  just missing the left side pipe as shown.  Chrome finish is still extra brilliant on this one, which is unusual.  There is a small amount of chrome wear behind each rear wheel well.  Running HP2 chassis has grooved pickup shoes in need of replacement.  Price $60.00
Tyco HP2 '40 Ford coupe, chrome
Harry Potter and Slytherin slot cars.  These are 2001 Mattel figural slotcars from the Harry Potter set available last Christmas.  The cars are in near mint running condition, just slightly used.  440x2 chassis.
Price $65.00 per pair.
Harry Potter and Slytherin slot cars
'40 Ford Coupe, red with yellow stripes.  Excellent condition overall,  just missing the window plastic piece and chrome reflective silver stripes.  Light marks in the red paint where the chrome stripes were.  This body was once a command control slotless type.  Running HP7 chassis.  Price $40.00
Tyco HP2 '40 Ford coupe, red with yellow stripes.
Tyco slotcar Aero Hopper, black
Aero Hopper, black/light orange/red #49.  Good condition overall, very light chrome window wear, missing flag pennant.  Correct aero-hopper 440X2 chassis has running motor and has had both of the deeper style pickup shoes replaced with standard pickup shoes.  They don't make proper contact with the rails so the car doesn't run.  Price $24.00.
Tycopro slotcar Datsun 240z in green with silver
Tycopro Datsun 240z, green/silver.  Near mint condition overall.  Good window posts and wheel wells, and paint has only a few minor imperfection spots.  Running Tycopro brass pan chassis has dry rear tires in need of replacement.  Price $100.00
Tyco Fast Traxx in neon yellow #NCC 6207
Fast Traxx, neon yellow #NCC 6207.  Excellent condition overall, with slight front bumper corner black paint wear as shown, and missing flag pennant.  Correct Fast Traxx 440X2 type chassis runs with rubber treads connecting the front and rear wheels.  Price $35.00.
Tyco Mazda RX-7 GS in black with stripes
Tyco Mazda RX-7 GS, black/white/yellow/red.  Excellent condition overall, with just a bit of light roof wear.  Running Tyco 440x2 chassis.  Price $50.00
Tyco Mazda RX-7 Turbo in blue with silver and black
Tyco Mazda RX-7 Turbo, blue/silver/black.  Very good condition overall, with wear along the front bumper, leading edge of silver roof paint, and right rear bumper areas.  Running Tyco 440x2 chassis has somewhat grooved pickup shoes.  Price $50.00
Tyco Nissan 300 ZX factory unfinished body, white.  Mint unused condition.  Does not include headlight lenses or windshield.  Designed to fit the 440x2 chassis.
Price $20.00
Tyco factory unfinished white Nissan 300 zx slot car body
Tyco Mazda Miata convertible in blue
Tyco Mazda Miata convertible, blue.  Near mint condition, with just light pickup shoe wear.  Body shows no wear.  Running Tyco HP7 chassis.  Price $25.00
Tyco Mazda Miata convertible in yellow with blue and red, #7
Tyco Mazda Miata convertible, yellow/blue/red #7.  Very good condition, with a line of wear along the front hood area.  Missing drivers head.  Running Tyco 440x2 chassis.  Price $22.00
Tyco Nissan pickup truck, white/red/blue #27.  Very good condition overall.  All parts are present. Light roof and rear paint scuffing.  Left side tampos have some wear as shown.  Running 440x2 chassis has knobby off road tires for realistic appearance.  Price $28.00
Tyco Nissan pickup truck in white with blue and red #27
Tyco Nissan Bandit pickup truck, black/red/yellow.  Fair condition overall.  Missing the roll cage in the pickup bed, and right headlight is missing.  Roof has some scratches, and chrome windows have some wear.  Running 440 chassis has new pickup shoes.  Price $20.00
Tyco Nissan pickup truck in black with red and yellow 'Bandit'