Aurora Vibrator HO slot cars for sale including Jaguar XK140, Mercedes Benz, '59 T-Bird hardtops, '60 Corvette convertible, '62 Ford Galaxie hardtop, dump truck, stake truck, and International Semi truck with trailer varieties.
Aurora slot cars vibrator '59 Thunderbird in lemon with black top
Aurora vibrator Mercedes hardtop in lemon
Aurora  vibrator dump truck in green with a grey bed
Jaguar XK140 hardtop, white/black top, no cuts, good screw posts, glass shows some glue marks at front and a bit foggy, rear window area shows a piece broken away near base and a crack remains in back window, nearly all bumper paint is worn away.  Still a decent example at a fair price of $45.00
Mercedes 300-SL convertible, lemon, front wheel wells lightly cut, rear wells are fine, good screw posts, fairly heavy bumper wear, and some black boot paint wear.  Running chassis.  Price $42.00
Mercedes hardtop, lemon, no cuts or cracks, front bumper paint has no wear, rear bumper show very light wear.  One tiny blemish in roof paint on inside of roof  near right rear roof corner.  Near mint overall.  Price $90.00
T-Bird hardtop, lemon/black roof, no cuts or cracks, some silver bumper average paint wear on sides, normal tire rub on inside of right rear wheel well.  Version with roof painted on inside of glass.
Price $70.00
Dump truck, green/grey.  Fair condition overall.  Cab is in excellent conditon from the outside, but inside of green bed area has been cut away to allow mounting on a TJet chassis.  The grey dump bed has a hole about 3/32" in diameter where they cut to far.  Still looks nice overall and the T-Jet chassis runs well.  Front screw post has been trimmed somewhat to fit chassis as well.  Has a red rear guide pin added.  Price $90.00
T-Bird hardtop, blue/black roof, no cuts or cracks, windshield shows glue marks along base on front, back, and left side.  Front screw post is stripped but chassis still holds on securely.  There is a 1/16" gouge on trunk near right rear fin.  Price $50.00
Aurora Jaguar hardtop in red
Aurora slotcars HO vibrator '59 T-bird in blue with black roof
Aurora vibrator HO slot cars were the first produced under the Aurora name, from 1959-62.  They are the direct descendants of the Playcraft Highways cars that were produced in England the previous year.  The chassis are AC powered and can run in either track direction simply by positioning the car in the direction you want to go on the track, unlike other HO slotcars.  The 'motors' are adapted from a simple door buzzer design, with mechanical motion cleverly produced using a vibrating plate which touches a notched axle gear.  While they are much more touchy to keep in good running condition than Tjets, they have a simple charm and realism that captivated the heart of American youth as soon as they were introduced.  Vibrator cars came with silver painted bumpers that were molded to the car.
Hot rod roadster, red.  This one is missing the roll bar and top of the window frame.  Light side pipe chrome wear.  Hop-up kit decals applied as shown.  Chassis runs.  Price $55.00
Aurora vibrator hot rod roadster in red
vibrator mercedes convertible in lemon
'60 Corvette convertible, green, no cuts or cracks, some silver wear to side coves as shown, fairly light wear to bumper silver and drivers head.  Chassis appears to be complete but doesn't run.  Price $160.00
Aurora vibrator '60 Corvette convertible in green
T-Bird hardtop, wine/tan roof.  Rare color, very good condition overall.  Version with roof painted on the outside.  Front and side glass show some light fogginess on the inside. There are two specks of paint or something else on the roof which don't seem to come off with water.   Chassis does not run.  Price $125.00
rare vibe wine '59 Thunderbird slot car
'60 Corvette convertible, wine, rare color, no cuts or cracks, black interior has some scratches as shown, and glass has been reglued with a bit of glue residue showing on the lower portion of windshield.  Motor runs but rear tires need replacement.  Price $175.00
PIC#3, top view
Rare wine '60 Corvette convertible
'62 Ford Galaxie hardtop, red, very good condition overall.  Wheel wells are good, roof is nice and bumper silver paint shows only light wear.  Hood has a minor light whitish stress mark over the front screw post.  Front screw post is cracked at the rear about 1/8" down and holds screw fine, rear screw post has some stress marks but no cracks seen.  Motor is not running.
Price $80.00
Aurora vibrator '62 Ford Galaxie hardtop in red.
Aurora HO slot car vibrator International Semi tractor in red
International Semi tractor, red.  Black roof paint factory painted on inside version, screw posts not cracked, very light bumper silver paint wear.  Inside of body has been sanded for added body clearance, starting behind the cab area extending to the back screw post area.  Chassis runs and has the correct double width rear wheels.  Ends of wheels have been poked through by the axles, as commonly seen.
Price $200.00            Inside of Body View
Aurora  vibrator stake truck in blue with grey stakes
Stake Truck, blue/grey stakes.  Fair condition overall, but a very tough color to find.  Most of the cab is in excellent conditon from the outside, but the area of the blue plastic around the rear wheel wells has been cut as shown, to allow mounting on a TJet chassis. The rear stakes are missing.  Still looks nice overall and the vibrator chassis has the correct dual wheels and runs quite well.  Screw posts are not cracked.  Price $200.00
PIC#2   PIC#3
PIC#4   PIC#5
Hot rod roadster, blue.  This one is missing the roll bar and top of the window frame.  Right side pipe shows  chrome wear.  Front screw post is cracked about 3/16" down, and rear screw post cracked about 7/64" down.  Both posts hold the screws fine.  Chrome hubs show little wear.  Chassis runs.  Price $70.00
Aurora vibrator hot rod roadster in blue
Hot rod roadster, tan.  This one is missing the roll bar.  Body shows a cracked area on the hood towards the left side along the horizontal seam, and it has been glue repaired on the inside.  Screw posts are not cracked.  Medium side pipe chrome wear.  Hop-up kit decals applied as shown.  Chassis runs, and pickup shoes have holes in them from wear.  Price $45.00
Aurora vibrator hot rod roadster in tan