Slot cars wanted in all scales and brand names.  Single items or collections.  Contact us with what you have available.
We are always looking to buy slot car collections and accumulations of old store stock from all scales and a variety of brand names.  Please contact us at with what you have available to sell and asking price if available.
Riggen HO Slot Cars Wanted:
We are always looking to trade most any items on this site towards any complete vintage Riggen HO slotcar chassis, complete cars, and bodies.  They had an inline can motor, brass chassis, and a floating brass body mount.  Bodies were factory painted clear plastic type.  Body styles especially wanted include the following, but all styles considered:

#           Model

HR-8        '23 Model T Runabout
117          Pinto Funny Car 
100          Auto Coast Ti-22, style 1
102          McLaren Can-Am, style 2 probably
104          Superbird, style 2
115          Ferrari Can-Am, style 1
Dynamic HO Slot Cars Wanted:
Always looking for Dynamic HO cars.  They had an anglewinder motor and brass chassis, and factory painted clear plastic bodies. 
Cobramite and Supermite (Cobra brand slot cars) wanted:
Always looking for HO cars by Cobra brand, especially the Supermite long-nosed Dragsters.
Bachmann HO Slot Cars Wanted:
  Chaparral 2F-                metallic green
  Howmet Turbine-           candy blue, lime
  Toyota 2000 GT-           dark blue, candy green, candy red
  Corvette Stingray 007-   red
  Dodge Charger              blue/yel/green #5, dark blue/yel, gold, white/blue,                                                      yel/black/red, yel/black
Marx HO Slot Cars Wanted:

  Stake Truck-                   red
  '62 T-Bird-                       blue/red #35, bluish green
  '62 Corvette-                    bluish green, red/white #4, red/white #24
  Mercedes-                      blue, gray, green
  Jaguar XKE-                    black
  Rolls Royce-                   silver
  '63 Vette Split Window-    red
Atlas Slot Cars Wanted with Painted Bumpers:

  '62 Chevy Impala hardtop-            silver/white, white/pink, light blue/black
  '62 Galaxy hardtop-                     metallic green/white
  T-Bird hardtop-                            any metallic
  '30 Ford Touring-                         any except dark gray, lemon, carmel
  36 Ford Coupe-                           dark blue, dark gray, red
  Corvette hardtop-                         many
  Corvette convertible-                    any at all with windshields
  Avanti-                                       any at all
  Olds Starfire hardtop-                  any except red/white
  Buick Station Wagon-                 any at all (has no roof rack or holes for roof rack)
  Grand Prix hardtop-                     any except light blue/black
  Olds Starfire convertible-              any except light blue/black

  Porsche GTO with vents-             dark blue, yellow/red

Atlas Slot Cars Wanted with Plated Bumpers:

  Corvette convertible-                    any at all
  Corvette hardtop-                        many, let me know what you have available
  XKE Jaguar-                               light gray, dark green, light green, pale yellow
  Mustang fastback-                      pale yellow
  Chevy Impala hardtop-                 dark blue, gray
  T-Bird hardtop-                            any except light green, pale yellow, light blue, tan, and
  Chevy Impala convertible-             any except light green
  T-bird convertible-                        light blue, tan
  Avanti-                                        dark blue, gray, green
  Olds Starfire hardtop-                   lemon, light blue/black
  Buick Station Wagon-                  green, red
  Grand Prix hardtop-                     dark blue, lemon, yellow/white
Tyco Speedways Slotcars Wanted ( Tyco S ):

  '65 Corvette hardtop-                    most any except orange
  '65 Corvette convertible-                most any
  '65 Thunderbird hardtop-               most any except off white/black
  '65 Thunderbird convertible-           most any
  Mako Shark-                               candy red/white #7, candy violet
  '34 Ford Pickup-                          dark blue
  '68 Corvette Sports Coupe-           metallic blue, dark green (not bluish-green)
  BRM F1-                                     candy red/white #1
  Lotus F1-                                    candy red/white #4
  Pontiac Grand Prix-                     metallic blue, red, green
  Hot Rod-                                     yellow
  Buick Riviera-                              green, candy green, turquoise, medium blue
  '63 Corvette Stingray fastback-      silver, candy red, slate blue, bright red
  '63 Jaguar XKE-                           butterscotch, light blue metallic
Aurora Thunderjets (TJets) Slot Cars Wanted:

  Galaxie convertible-                     green
  Galaxie hardtop-                          lemon, yellow
  '63 Corvette-                                candy plated blue
  '63 Riviera-                                  blue
  XKE Jaguar-                                candy plated blue, candy plated copper, candy plated                                                        peach, candy plated red
  Indy Racer-                                 olive, blue
  Grand Prix Racer-                        candy plated blue, candy plated green, candy plated                                                         peach #3
  Stake Truck-                               olive
  Hot Rod Roadster-                       gray
  Hot Rod Coupe-                           olive
  Maserati-                                    blue (non-striped)
  Ferrari GT-                                  black, blue, green, candy plated blue, candy                                                                     plated green, candy plated peach, candy plated red
  AC Cobra-                                   factory painted black
  Mustang convertible-                    black
  Mustang hardtop-                         green
  Mustang fastback-                       olive
  Ford GT-                                     candy painted (blue, peach, copper)
                                                    candy plated (blue,red, copper)
  Lola GT-                                      factory painted black; blue
  Toronado-                                    green, olive, factory painted black
  Mako Shark-                                factory painted black, olive, snow white
  Dino Ferrari-                                 factory painted black; tan, baby blue
  Ford J car-                                   olive
  '67 T-Bird-                                    blue, green, chrome gold, chrome silver
  '67 Ford XL 500-                           black, chrome gold, chrome silver
  Thunderbike-                                wine
  Camaro-                                      brown, orange, baby blue
  Cobra GT-                                    candy plated (blue, green, purple, red)
  Willys Gasser-                             snow white
  Pontiac Firebird-                           baby blue, black
  VW Bug-                                     snow white, butterscotch
  Dodge Charger-                            gray, olive drab, purple/black, snow white/black
  Alpha Romeo-                              tan
  Mach 1-                                       green
  '32 Ford Pickup-                           white, pale yellow
  El Camino-                                   green, brown
  F/T Mclaren Elva-                          blue
  F/T Cobra GT-                               dark brown

  XLerator Ford GT-                          blue/black #1
  XLerator Ferrari GT-                       light blue
Aurora Vibrators Slot Cars Wanted:

  Corvette convertible-                     black, light gray
  T-Bird Hardtop-                            cream
  Jaguar Hardtop-                           black, blue, dark gray, light gray
  Mercedes Hardtop-                      black, dark gray, light gray, green, white
  Corvette Hardtop-                        light gray, green, red
  '62 Ford Pickup-                          lemon
  Hot Rod Roadster-                       gray, green
  Hot Rod Coupe-                           black, gray, green, tan
  International Semi-                       tan
  Dump Truck-                               light gray, tan
  Stake Truck-                               dark gray, light gray, lemon
  Van body trailer-                          any with 'Ford' decal on sides