Lionel, AJ's, Strombecker, and Faller catalogs and flyers for sale.
Lionel '66 slot car color catalog, good condition, light wear.  This is a 37 page Lionel 1966 catalog with many full color pictures, 8 of which are devoted to slot cars in HO and 1/32 scale.  It is in very very good condition, with minor signs of use near the bottom, and no tears.  Featured HO sets include the Loop the Loop Raceway, the Pretzel Bender raceway, the Monte Carlo Raceway, and the Matterhorn Raceway.  The last two seldom seen sets, particularly the Matterhorn set, really put anything Aurora ever made to shame.  Three 1/32 sets are featured, including the Big 8 Standard, the Loop the Loop, and Skill Tilt Skyway Leap sets.  One page features pictures of each Lionel slotcar model made in '66, which is a nice reference, complete with part numbers.  Lastly is a page on track pieces, controllers, and accessories.  The remaining pages include Lionel trains, chemistry sets, biocraft sets, and minerology sets, plus telescopes and kids phonographs with character themes.
Price $18.00
Lionel 1966 catalog with 8 pages of slot cars.
HO Loop the Loop Raceway set #17140

HO Pretzel Bender Raceway set #17160

HO Monte Carlo Raceway, #17170

HO Matterhorn Raceway, #17200

1/32 Big 8 Raceway #16130 and
1/32 Loop the Loop #16100

1/32 Skill Tilt Skyway Leap Speedway #16110

HO and 1/32 slot car line for 1966

More Lionel track, cars, and accessories
AJ's '71 flyer for 1/32 scale wheel/tire hop-up kits, mint condition.  Shows threaded and set screw types.  Price $10.00
AJ's 1/32 slot car flyer
Strombecker flyer for 'Sounds of Road Racing' record album on the front, with 3 sets pictured and described on back.  Red/white/blue flyer  front and back view shown, mint condition.
Price $6.00
Strombecker 1/32 newsletter 'Table Top Topics', vol 1, no. 1, Spring 1962.  Black and white, 11 pages full of  club information plus pics of  the latest Stromb cars, track and accessories.  New unused condition, with some yellowing at upper and left edges.   Price $14.00
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Faller 1970 slot cars and trains catalog.  Nice reference, complete with color pictures and illustrations, text written in German.  First 17 pages are on Faller AMS HO slot cars, and last 14 pages cover Faller Hit cars, track, and accessories (these were push cars like Aurora speedline).  Cover has a long tear that has been repaired with clear tape on the inside, and cover is loose from rest of catalog.
Price $30.00
Faller 1970 catalog
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