Slot car magazines including Car Model magazine, Model Car Science magazine, Model Car & Track magazine, and more.
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Model Car Science magazine issues:

May 65    $14.00           Full page ads for K&B Challenger controller, Monogram GT cars, and Cox cars; article on new Strombecker releases, converting a Pittman 704 motor to a 705, designing an HO track-part 4 by Ray Hoy, making a 1/24 gear shifting drag setup, article on new releases by Monogram, article on K&B 1/24 Porsche 906 and Ferrari 250, and article on Tom Thumb Raceway in San Fernando Valley, CA.  Top of cover is missing as shown.

Jun 65    $14.00           Ads for American Model Raceway track, MDC, Dynamic parts, Stombecker, K&B track tape, Tradeship, Corben, Cox Mark 3, and Slotmaster controllers;  article on a 1/24 sidewinder chassis from a Revell SP-600 motor, part 5 Ray Hoy article on building an HO track, showing landscaping with a lake, article on Classic Speedway in Vista-Venice, CA, product profile on Dynamic 1/24 '65 Mustang and Shelby Cobra RTRs, simple excersizes to improve your slot driving, and an article on building up the 1/24 Ulrich independent suspension chassis 'Doomsday Machine'.  Top of cover is missing as shown, and cover has separated at the staple binding area.

Jul 65     $14.00           Ads for American Model Raceways, Strombecker motors, Buzco controller, Ulrich wheels, MDC mag chassis, Unique 1/24 cars, Dart bodies, International slot-chemicals, Tradeship controller, K&B car caddy, Monogram Ferrai GT and Porsche 904, Mila Miglia wheels, and Dynamic chassis; article on Popular Slot Racing Motors, how to build a 1/24 test track that doubles as a hillclimb course, article on various 1/32-1/24 track mods, building a Slotting Surf Wagon based off a Monogram Blue Beatle model kit, spotlight on Parma's Model Raceways in Cleveland, and motor swapping in the Monogram Tiger chassis.  Top of cover is missing as shown.

Aug 68    $15.00           Articles on Lancer clear bodies for TJets, detailing a clear 1/32 body, and building the ideal home slot track by Robert Schleicher.  Good condition, with some magic marker writing on top of cover.

Jan 72      $15.00           Has a 2 page ad for AFX diagnostic centers, 1 page article on a Tycopro sweepstakes real car quiz, and a 3 page article on Aurora's TJet slot-snowmobile by Robert Schleicher.  Fair condition with cover tear at lower left corner.

Model Car & Track magazine issues:

Jun 65     $14.00         Ads for Strombecker wheels '60-64 design progression, International chassis, American Model Raceways, Monogram cars, Unique cars, Globe motor and K&B Challenger controller; articles on a commercial racing center, building the Japanese Suzuka 1/32 or 1/24 racing circuit, track test on V.I.P. MG-A and BRM, building a "midwestern" 1/32 chassis, Skittle Racing idea for clubs, Monogram /124 Scarab and 1/32 Lola GT article, building an automatic race programmer, assembling the Aurora Porsche Carrera model kit with a Strombecker chassis, building an HO 4 lane on a 4x8 board, motor mounting article with single or twin motor variations, article on a Super Shells Lotus Elite slot racer, article on 1/32-1/24 electric lap counters using Aurora counters, and the 1/24 Dyno-Charger 400, and making a 1/24 go-kart, and a Revell Lola Ford setup.  Top of cover is missing as shown.
Aurora Snaparoos full color 4 page flyer, featuring the short-lived mini plastic snap together models (smaller than HO scale).  Very good cond.  Price $12.00
Aurora Snaparoos mini-model brochure.
Scale Auto '92 Contest Annual, near mint, 128 pages loaded with color and B&W pics of the best custom models of the year (no slotcars here).
Price $12.00
Scale Auto Contest Annual magazine, 1992.
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Car Model Magazines  (All very good condition, unless otherwise stated).  Starting from upper left are:

Mar-Apr 63   $30.00     Early small sized issue measure less than 5.5" wide by 8" tall.  Track testing 8-page article compairing Atlas and Aurora Vibrator cars and sets.  Centerfold of magazine is an ad promoting the second annual Ford-Aurora races.  A 2-page article promotes joining MINRA, an early slot racing association.    Plus lots of ads for various slots including Strombecker 1/32, a special Polk's speedway set, an Auto World catalog, and an AMT 1/25th set on back cover.  Has small 5/8" tear at top of front cover.

Sep 63       $22.00         Article on making a swinging pickup for your 1/24 scale dragsters, a preview of Jose Rodriguez Jr.'s 1/32 Birdcage Maserati scratchbuilt, and an article on converting Matchbox cars to the Aurora and Atlas HO chassis.  Ads include Strombecker 1/32, Aurora, Auto World, Pittman motors, Ulrich, and Polk's.  Cover and bottom of some pages show some mildew damage, but all are readable.

May 65       $22.00         Slot promotion article on the Strombecker racing contest whose American grand prize was a trip to Lemans, France to compete in the international championship slot racing event, along with being a guest at the actual Lemans Grand Prix race  Plus the winner got a real Plymouth Barracuda and a college scholarship...not bad for racing slots eh?  Also an article by Bob Braverman on getting more speed out of Mabuchi motors,a nd an article on remagnetizing large scale motors.  Ads by Strombecker, Atlas HO (full page with customizing kits feature), Monogram, Cox motors, K&B Porsche and Ferrari, MPC's Dyn-O-Charger Scarab, Dynamic and International chassis, Revell back cover, and more.

Jun 65       $24.00         Ecurie Liberty 1/32 scratchbuilt club track layout 1-page showcase, 5-page extensive article on tuning large scale motors of many kinds, brand by brand; 3-page article on stage tuning the Cox formula cars, an article on adding independent suspension and working head and taillights to a Monogram 1/24 Ferrari 275P, and 8-page Car Model's first all-scale drag race in Hartford coverage.  Ads include Strombecker, Monogram, K&B, Farber slot catalog, Cox chassis, Atlas HO customizing kits and midgets, Dynamic, United Model Distributors, Dart clear bodies, and full page Russkit Spyder ad.

Jul 69       $15.00         7-page article on the winners of the Aurora/CM HO racing layout contest, HO racing column by Jack Ayres featuring a LaGanke brass pan, and Tom Malone's racing Q&A column.  Ads include AJ's, HO racing hop-up parts by LaGanke, Auto World, and Dynamic chassis.  Small tears out of cover left side as shown.

Aug 69       $15.00         Tom Malone answers slot racing questions column, Dale Flanagan article on building a novice sidewinder 1/24 car, an HO article on building a sidewinder car based on a Tyco S chassis, aticle with diagram for the 4 lane "Roanoke Raceway" Aurora/Car Model contest winner,  HO Racing column by Jack Ayres featuring the new Tyco S cars as well as the TJet Charger and Torino, HO weight pan ads by Mura and LaGanke, and more.  Some cover wear as shown.

Sep 69       $15.00         AJ's Marauders HO wheels ad, Tom Malone slot racing column, Banasik's raceway 4 lane diagram and pics, article on tuning and detailing Dynamic's 1/24 RTRs, HO Racing with Jack Ayres column, and an ad for Champion HO parts of a good variety.  Good condition.

Dec 69       $15.00         Revell Nassau set ad, Tom Malone racing column, AJ's 1/32 wheel speed kit ad, article on Riggen 1/32 Group 12 cars, Jose Rodriquez Jr 1/32 racing column, and Dale Flanagan's HO racing column.  Has a small paint smudge mark on cover as shown.

Mar 72       $17.00         Tycopro Way Out Layout contest #1 entry, "AFX-Plus...handling modifications for HO winners" article for standard AFX modifications by Howard Kilgore, plus Howard's HO racing column featuring the Tycopro Datsun 240z and Ferrari 512M.  Ads include a full page on AJ's Racer Saver trucks, Parma, Mini HO (Tycopro and Riggen VW Bus and Mini Cooper photos), and Auto World.  Good condition.

Apr 72       $14.00         Tom Malone's racing column, 1/24 'Neat Things'  Phillippe de Lespinay brass chassis building 2 page article, Tycopro Wayout Layout contest #2 entry, 1/32 building column by Steve Deiters, and an HO Racing column by Kilgore.  Ads by Mini HO, AJ's brass pan stabilizer and Race Saver trucks, Auto World, and Parma.  Cover in fair condition with tape and tears as shown and is loose from rest of magazine.

Sep 72       $20.00         Ed Bianchi article on getting longer pickup wiper life from the Tycopro, Butch Beaver's 1/24 brass chassis pics and specs, Ben Millspaugh's cusomizing article "making the Tycopro Chaparral 2J look real", Steve Dieters 1/32 column featuring a Limpach pro chassis, Ed Bianchi detailed article on track testing the Tycopro, and Howard Kilgore's HO column featuring the HO wish list items fulfilled within the previous 5 years, plus his feature on collecting Wrenn cars.  Ads feature AJ's, Oscar the Track Cleaner truck, Parma, Mini HO featuring the AFX Super II, and Auto World.  Fair condition, lower right corner pages have dog-eared folds.

Nov 72       $18.00         Detailed article and cover photo on making a custom version of the AFX UOP Shadow can-am, mini-mod HO article by Howard Kilgore on quick-change gears for standard AFX chassis, Lee Gilbert 1/24 brass chassis building article part 2, and Howard Kilgore's HO Racing column featuring Ron Esterline and Randy Kemp creations.  Ads feature a 4 page color centerfold section on 8 Tycopro pictured cars featuring White Boots tires,  Parma/Car Model Super Layout Contest entry, Auto World full page Aurora Clubman track four lane track, MAC HO bodies, Parma Super HO controllers, full page Auto World ad with hop-up 'speed secret' parts for Aurora Thunderjets, and Mini HO full page ad featuring AFX.  Fair condition overall, with cover separated from rest of magazine.  First page is stamped in red "property of Monogram Models Library"...this was a former file copy apparently.

Mar 73       $24.00         HO Racing column by Dale Flanagan on static balancing Tycopro type motors with a razor blade setup, Howard Kilgore article on pin tube body mounts for the standard AFX chassis, as well as  a Hobby House type vent job for the same chassis, and a great Kilgore HO Racing column featuring the latest in Randy Kemp K&K AFX modified brass chassis, and the Atlas Alard.  Ads include Champcar of Indy large scale cars, AJ's Winnwagen, Mini HO featuring AFX cars and the Super II, Parma controllers, Champion 1/24 Charlie Brown's Duster car, Auto World's Clubman track, Riggen HO half page ad featuring 16 boxed cars with pics, including the ultra rare VW panel (not bus), full page Auto World speed secret parts ad for TJets, and "The Inside Line" small Tycopro feature column by Tyco.  Fair condition with cover nearly separated from rest of magazine.

Apr 73       $18.00         HO Racing column by Howard Kilgore featuring the Kemp-Sherlock 2 and 3 bar magnet modified AFX cars, a couple of Supertraction AFX cars including the hard to find Porsche 510 with Die Hard stickers, and a nice custom Riggen-Tycopro scratchbuilt dragster; an article on a pin tube rear body mount for the AFX chassis, Dale Flanagan's HO column featuring things for can-type motors; Lee Gilbert's part 4 of his 1/24 scratchbuilt car, featuring body setup, Steve Dieter's 1/32 column featuring AJ's Winnwagen.  Ads by Champion of Chamblee (large scale), Parma Womp VW, AJ's Winnwagen, Auto World full page ad featuring speed secrets parts for Aurora Thunderjet cars, Auto World full page ad for AFX 4 lane Clubman track, HO Speed Secrets manual ad, AJ's Indy Radicals, and MAC HO bodies.  Fair condition, with cover separated from rest of magazine.

Sep 73       $15.00         First issue of Car Model's comeback attempt.  HO racing column by Dale Falanagan featuring the can style motored cars, Howard Kilgore's HO column featuring Carl Dreher's very creative side-magnet brass-panned standard AFX car, and the newly released AFX dragsters.  Ads for Parma controllers, Auto World, and AJ's Winnwagen.

Oct 73       $15.00         HO can motored car column by Dale Flanagan, Dale Flanagan's HO column featuring the magnet car debate of the time, as well as a review on a scratchbuilt inline brass can-motored chassis by Dave Livesay, and new AFX releases including the Peace Tank, Roarin' Rolls Golden Ghost, '31 Ford panel, and dragsters.  The customizers/ collector's corner features the Atlas Mercedes 300 SLR.  Ads include AJ's 1/32 Winnwagen, and Auto World.  Fair condition overall.

Nov/Dec 73   $15.00        2-page HO article featuring a landscaped Glenn Cedar Falls International Speedway; HO World column by Howard Kilgore, featuring the #23 RC Cola Porsche AFX car and a new release Riggen Lola, as well as an outstanding custom '55 Chevy stocker with complete roll cage, hood, interior, and engine, made by John Walter; Dale Flanagan's HO can-racing column with Randy Kemp lamenting thoughts on magnet-cars, an article by Flanagan on Tom Bowman's AFX scratchbuilt magnet-cars, and a rather mysterious article called 'Tyco Goes to Lemans' with some obviously misplaced pictures.  Ads for Parma large scale cars, Twinn-K iso-flotation pan for AFX and Indy Radicals, Auto World, and AJ's 1/24 Winnslicks.  Fair condition with torn cover at bottom 3.5 inches near right side.

May 74       $15.00         1-page article on the nicely landscaped Lincoln HO speedway, a useful article by Lee Agnew on adding side and front weights to a standard AFX car for better handling; Howard Kilgore's HO World column featuring some interesting F1 bodied custom AFX cars, and a collector's feature article on Minic's Ferrari 400 Super America.  Some HO race coverage features 4 interesting brass-chassied standard AFX cars, as well as a very cool looking semi-scratchbuilt Stuart Barber AFX HO funny car dragster.  Ads featured Parma ready to race large scale cars, AJ's 1/32 Winnwagen, and a Cox Superscale set...slot ads just weren't making a comeback, signaling the demise of Car Model magazine.  Good condition overall.

Jun 74       $18.00         The building of the classic New Yorker style AFX brass-panned chassis by Marty Thalison and Jaye Saarinen; the Belvidere Avenue Local Speedway which folds up along the wall when not in use, complete with layout diagram that gets a lot of track into a compact space; Howard Kilgore's HO World featuring lists of the current HO clear bodys produced by Parma/MAC, Thayer, K&K, Trojan (Orv Banasik), and Snake (Ron Esterline).  The customizers/collectors corner featured the outstanding Foxy Lady Cobra roadster funny car by Mike Abella;  a 1/32 article features AJ's Winnwagen modifications.  Ads include AJ's silicone TK003s for AFX/Tycopro, Speed & Sport, and Parma.  Good condition overall.

Jul 74       $18.00         Article on making a shaker side-weighted standard AFX chassis (I tried this one back in the day and it worked surprisingly well); also an interesting front wheel drive TJet Toronado modification 2.5 page article.  Ads by Parma, AJ's HO tires.  Fair condition with about the lower 2/3 of cover separated at left edge and some folds on cover and inside magazine.
Car Model magazine, August 1969
Aug '69
Model Car Science magazine, August 1968
Aug '68
Car Model magazine, December 1969 issue.
Dec '69
Model Car Science magazine, January 1972
Jan '72
Models Cars book, mint condition from 1978, 72 color pages, featuring 5 pages on HO slotcars by Matchbox, Tyco, Cox superscale, and AJ's parts. Rest of book has chapters on plastic and metal models and RC cars from this era.  Price $18.00.
Model Cars 1978 book
Model Car Science magazine, May 1965
May '65
Model Car Science magazine, June 1965
Jun '65
Model Car Science magazine, July 1965
Jul '65
Model Car & Track magazine, June1965.
Jun '65
Car Model magazine, March-April 1963
Mar-Apr '63
Car Model magazine, September 1963
Sep '63
Car Model magazine, May 1965 issue.
May '65
Car Model magazine, June 1965 issue.
Jun '65
Car Model magazine, June 1965 issue.
Sep '69
Car Model magazine, July 1969
Jul '69
Car Model magazine, March 1972
Mar '72
Car Model magazine, April 1972
Apr '72
Car Model magazine, September 1972
Sep '72
Car Model magazine, November 1972
Nov '72
Car Model magazine, March 1973
Mar '73
Car Model magazine, April 1973
Apr '73
Car Model magazine, September 1973
Sep '73
Car Model magazine, October 1973
Oct '73
Car Model magazine, November-December 1973
Nov-Dec '73
Car Model magazine, May 1974
May '74
Car Model magazine, June 1974
Jun '74
Car Model magazine, July 1974
Jul '74